ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 25 (January 26, 2015)



Michael D. Danti, Jesse Casana, Tate Paulette, Kathryn Franklin & Cheikhmous Ali

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Key points from this report:

  • ASOR CHI Co-Director Prof. Jesse Casana and his team at the University of Arkansas have released new statistics on heritage destruction in Syria. A comprehensive analysis of 740 archaeological sites using satellite imagery confirms a significant and steady increase in looting across Syria since the start of the conflict. (pp. 3–6)
  • To document their destruction of the Nabhaniyeh shrine, Jabhat Ansar al-Din and Jabhat al-Nusra uploaded a photo of a participant holding up an edict, which appears to indicate their sanction by the Sharia Court in Aleppo and the Countryside.
  • ISIL released a video showing the deliberate destruction of five religious sites in Iraq in 2014. (pp. 23–27)

* This report is based on research conducted by the “Syria Preservation Initiative: Planning for Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Syria." Weekly reports reflect reporting from a variety of sources and may contain unverified material. As such, they should be treated as preliminary and subject to change.

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