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October 2017 Monthly Report

Deir Sunbul (Der Sambil) Village

Video footage shows a gunman destroying the remains of Deir Sunbul. Deir Sunbul is one of the Byzantine-era “Dead Cities” located on the Jebel Zawiya, which contains dozens of ruins dating to the 4th–8th century CE ...

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Tel Afar Citadel

New video footage shows the condition of the Tal Afar Citadel. The Citadel of Tal Afar is an Ottoman-era fortification in the center of the largely Turkmen town of ...

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September 2017 Monthly Report

Tell Qarqur

Satellite imagery provides evidence of militarization at Tell Qarqur. One of the most prominent sites in the lower Orontes Valley, Tell Qarqur consists of two mounds (Tell Qarqur Kabir and Tell Qarqur Sehrir), located approximately 500 meters from the modern village of Qarqur ...

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Militia clashes in Sabratha reportedly spilled into the archaeological site, resulting in widespread damage. The Theater of Sabratha (Rome Across Europe) Situated on Libya’s Tripolitanian Coast, Sabratha was one of a triad of cities, along with Oea (modern Tripoli) and Leptis Magna, which gave the name of Tripolis to this region. Sabratha was founded between…

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August 2017 Monthly Report

al-Qadim Mosque

DigitalGlobe satellite imagery details the level of damage to al-Qadim Mosque, an Abbasid-era site in the Old City of Raqqa.

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al-Sa´a “Clock” Church

Our Lady of the Hour Roman Catholic Church, popularly known as al-Sa´a (“Clock”) Church or Latin Church, was constructed by Dominican friars 1862–1873 CE.

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