The ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives values the support of foundations and individuals. ASOR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and as such, contributions may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consider supporting the Syrian Heritage Initiative with a donation or by volunteering your time.

Donate Online

  • Please call 617-353-6572 if you have any questions about making an online donation or experience any problems.

Donate by Making a Gift of Stock

  • Contact Selma Omerefendic (617-353-6572) with any questions and to let her know that you have made a transfer.

Donate by Participating in an Airline Program

  • You may contribute by listing ASOR's account number in one of the airline bonus programs for employees and affiliates. This is in addition to any miles that you receive as an individual, and it does not reduce those miles or credits.

Donate by Making a Legacy Gift

  • As you consider your long term financial and estate plans, we hope that you will consider ASOR. Not only will your gift be put to good use, benefiting generations of dedicated and deserving students. A legacy gift can also save you significant tax dollars through the charitable deduction and the avoidance of capital gains. In some cases, this gift may even increase your income.
  • Please let ASOR know if you have made a planned gift of $2,500 or more, and we will add your name to ASOR's Legacy Circle.
  • Contact Andy Vaughn or click here for more information.

Other ways to Donate to the ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives

By Phone

Call 617-353-6572

Make a Pledge (Donate Later)

Send an e-mail to ASOR

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to making monetary gifts, we actively seek volunteers to partner with us. We welcome interested parties to help the ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives fulfill its mission to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq by volunteering your time and expertise. Volunteers may help in a variety of ways—for example, by providing information for the Weekly Reports, suggesting new avenues of research, or even volunteering at the ASOR office in Boston. We are eager to hear your suggestions. Please contact us at

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