ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 87–88 (March 30, 2016 – April 12, 2016)



Michael D. Danti, Amr al-Azm, Allison Cuneo, Susan Penacho, Bijan Rouhani, Marina Gabriel, Kyra Kaercher, and Jamie O’Connell

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Key points from this report:
  • New video and photographs emerge of Deir Mar Elian Monastery in al-Qaryatayn emerge after pro-regime forces captured the area (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 15-0123 UPDATE).
  • New video footage of Bilal Mosque in the city of Tadmor, showing extensive damage, was recorded on April 5, 2016 (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 15-0160 UPDATE).
  • New footage shows ongoing looting at the site of Rafid on April 9, 2016 (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0004 UPDATE).
  • Images from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Palmyra and the museum continue to emerge as civilians gain access the site (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0041 UPDATE and ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0043 UPDATE).
  • DigitalGlobe satellite imagery of Palmyra from March 30, 2016 shows many more tombs have been destroyed than previously reported (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0044).
  • SARG airstrikes damage four mosques in Rif Dimashq Governorate (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0045).
  • The al-Nur Mosque in the city of Raqqa was damaged, reportedly by US-led coalition airstrikes, on April 1, 2016 (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0046).
  • Looting and illegal excavations in the Bosra Roman ruins continues (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0047).
  • The al-Kabir Mosque in the town of Ma’arat al-Numan, Idlib Governorate was damaged by a car bomb (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0048).
  • The Church of the Child Jesus in Tadmor, Homs Governorate was damaged (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0049).
  • The Sheikh Saeed Mosque in Saraqib, Idlib Governorate was reportedly damaged by SARG airstrikes (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0050).

* This report is based on research conducted by the “Syria Preservation Initiative: Planning for Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Syria." Weekly reports reflect reporting from a variety of sources and may contain unverified material. As such, they should be treated as preliminary and subject to change.

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