ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 73–74 (December 23, 2015 – January 5, 2016)


Michael D. Danti, Amr al-Azm, Allison Cuneo, Susan Penacho, Bijan Rohani, Marina Gabriel, Kyra Kaercher, and Jamie O’Connell

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Key points from this report:

  • ISIL forced prisoners to destroy cemeteries in Mosul (ASOR CHI Incident Report IHI 15-0101).
  • The Bosra al-Sham Department of Antiquities posted additional photographs of the damage to the citadel caused by recent SARG barrel bombings (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 15-0166 UPDATE).
  • Russian airstrikes damaged or destroyed a mosque in Kansafra, Jebel Zawiya in Idlib Governorate (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 15-0169).
  • Regime forces severely damaged the Al Turkman Mosque in Jisr Al Shoughour city in Idlib Governorate (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 15-0170). The Day After Heritage Protection Initiative has produced a report on the damage.
  • Russian airstrikes caused severe damage to Batul Mosque in the Zebdiya neighborhood of Aleppo (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 15-0171).
  • ISIL bombed ten Assyrian homes and a monastery in the village of Tel Keppe in northern Iraq (ASOR CHI Incident Report IHI 15-0102).
  • ISIL destroyed and looted multiple sites to create military positions against Iraqi forces around the ancient site of Qalat Sharqat, also known as Ashur (ASOR CHI Incident Report IHI 15-0103).
  • The Omar bin al-Khattab Mosque in Ma’arat el-Artiq in Aleppo Governorate was damaged by a Russian airstrike (ASOR CHI Incident Report SHI 16-0001).
  • Three Sunni mosques in Iraq, including the Ammar bin Yasser Mosque and al-Fath al-Mubeen/Fateh Mosque in Babil Governorate, were bombed and partially destroyed (ASOR CHI Incident Report IHI 16-0001) .

* This report is based on research conducted by the “Syria Preservation Initiative: Planning for Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Syria." Weekly reports reflect reporting from a variety of sources and may contain unverified material. As such, they should be treated as preliminary and subject to change.

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