ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 67–68 (November 11, 2015 – November 24, 2015)


Michael D. Danti, Allison Cuneo, Marina Gabriel, Susan Penacho, Kyra Kaercher, Marshall Schurtz, LeeAnn Barnes Gordon, Emily Ham, and John O’Neill

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Key points from this report:

  • ASOR CHI in-country sources report that the Great Mosque of Maraat Al-Numan was damaged by airstrikes.
  • A tunnel bomb damaged the main entrance to the Aleppo Citadel and the immediately adjacent Khan al-Shouna (var. Shouneh, Shoune).
  • The Raqqa Museum was reportedly struck by Russian airstrikes.
  • ASOR CHI in-country sources report new roads are being constructed within the walls of ancient Nineveh.
  • A suicide bomber attacked a Shia mosque in Sadr City outside Baghdad.
  • Gunmen blew up the Abu Hanifa Mosque in Muqdadiyah.
  • Syrian military forces, with the assistance of Russian airstrikes and pro-government forces, advance towards Palmyra.
  • Russian airstrikes continue as French forces begin intensive bombing campaigns in the wake of a terrorist attack in Paris, which also resulted in an expansion of US targets to include oil fields and tanker truck convoys.

* This report is based on research conducted by the “Syria Preservation Initiative: Planning for Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Syria." Weekly reports reflect reporting from a variety of sources and may contain unverified material. As such, they should be treated as preliminary and subject to change.

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