ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives Weekly Report 61–62 (September 30, 2015 – October 13, 2015)


Michael D. Danti, Allison Cuneo, Marina Gabriel, Susan Penacho, Kyra Kaercher, LeeAnn Barnes Gordon, Emily Ham, and John O’Neill

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Key points from this report:

  • Satellite imagery shows ongoing looting at the site of Tell Bezzam near Hama, Syria.
  • The DGAM reports ongoing looting in the Dier ez-Zor region of Syria.
  • Russian airstrikes allegedly struck multiple sites in the Dead Cities region. The Day After Heritage Protection Initiative has produced a brief, illustrated report of the damage to the site of Shinshara in Syria.
  • ISIL advances into rebel held areas of Syria in the wake of the Russian air campaign in support of SARG forces.
  • ISIL intentionally destroys the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, Syria.
  • ISIL supporters demolish the Abdullah ibn Mubarak Shrine and Mosque in Hit, Iraq.

* This report is based on research conducted by the “Syria Preservation Initiative: Planning for Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Syria." Weekly reports reflect reporting from a variety of sources and may contain unverified material. As such, they should be treated as preliminary and subject to change.

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