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What is Cultural Heritage Monitor (CHM)?

CHM is an anonymous reporting resource developed by ASOR CHI to share information about cultural heritage damage or looted / stolen object(s). CHM provides a safe mechanism for Syrians, Iraqis, and others to alert the world to heritage damaged and looted or stolen cultural objects. In the future, we will share relevant information with Syrian and Iraqi heritage experts to assist in post-conflict reconstruction, repatriation, and restitution efforts.

How does ASOR CHI use these anonymous tips?

ASOR CHI and a coalition of experts from around the world first check the veracity of information and then share data as part of our weekly reports series — publicly released on our website — and in other official reports and news stories. We add information about heritage damage and looting to our inventory of sites, which is shared with other international organizations.

Our researchers do not publicize data that would reveal a user’s identity. Finally, we may share data with international organizations and the U.S. government to facilitate cultural property protection efforts (including the U.S. Department of State). Our ultimate goal is to preserve and protect cultural heritage.


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