Our Mission

The ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives implements cultural property protection by:
      (1) Documenting damage
      (2) Promoting global awareness
      (3) Planning emergency and post-war responses

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Check our Announcements section regularly for information about events, press releases, and news items featuring ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives team members.

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Weekly Reports

For an up-to-date perspective on the state of cultural heritage in Syria and northern Iraq, follow along with our series of Weekly Reports .

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مرقاب التراث الثقافي

تطبيق يعمل بمبدأ التحفيز المجتمعي و يراعي سرية تداول المعلومات. الابلاغ عن قطعة أثرية مسروقة. ابلاغ عن الوضع الراهن لصرح أو لموقع

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